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CivicPress is a product researched and developed by Lone Rock Point, Inc.

Lone Rock Point specializes in public sector modernizations using the power of enterprise WordPress, Gutenberg blocks, and open source to deliver a digital-first, modernized public experience. Driven by a deep understanding of the public sector’s opportunities and challenges, Lone Rock Point’s work harnesses the power of storytelling to deliver tangible, measurable results that benefit citizens and stakeholders alike. With more than 12 years of experience working with some of the nation’s most notable public-sector organizations, Lone Rock Point brings a wealth of expertise to every project, powered by WordPress. Lone Rock Point researched and developed the CivicPress theme package product based on learning the company gained integrating the USWDS into WordPress for NASA’s web modernization projects, and

Reach out to Lone Rock Point for demo requests or exploratory discussions on how CivicPress can help you by emailing [email protected] or using the form below.

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