CivicPress, a WordPress theme, arms agencies and developers with tools for USWDS standards, integrating the flexibility and ease of WordPress. Utilize our theme to achieve adherence to USWDS, enhancing your site with accessibility, usability, and consistency.

CivicPress is a complementary tool to USWDS, specifically designed to align with the USWDS framework. It offers a seamless way to create websites that adhere to government design standards, amplify engagement, and build public trust through accessibility and visual cohesion.

  • Create Visually Cohesive Websites: Leverage the synergy between CivicPress and USWDS to produce websites with a unified design language.
  • Promote Engagement and Trust: By focusing on usability and accessibility, CivicPress helps agencies connect with their audience and foster trust.
  • Ensure Compliance: CivicPress takes the guesswork out of compliance, ensuring that websites meet the necessary government standards for design and accessibility.

We’ve tailored features to ease your USWDS journey:

  • USWDS-Ready Components: Our platform includes USWDS-aligned components and templates. No guesswork needed.
  • Tailorable Designs: Keep your brand identity with our adaptable design elements.
  • Top Accessibility: Our features exceed USWDS’s tough accessibility standards, making your site easy for all to use.
  • Easy Integration: CivicPress fits smoothly with various government systems, easing your path to compliance.
  • Regular Updates: We keep CivicPress current with USWDS changes, offering you continuous support.

Who is CivicPress for?

Both USWDS and CivicPress serve government agencies and web developers tasked with creating or revamping online platforms. Whether you’re building a new WordPress website from the ground up or seeking to improve an existing one, these tools offer invaluable resources to achieve your digital objectives.

For government agencies and web developers eager to revolutionize their digital platforms, integrating USWDS and CivicPress offers a clear path to achieving excellence in online governance. Together, these initiatives pave the way for creating websites that not only look great but also work efficiently and inclusively, setting a new benchmark for public service in the digital realm.