OMB M-23-22 Design

CivicPress: Fulfilling the Design Pillar of OMB M-23-22

The Office of Management and Budget’s memorandum M-23-22 lays out a vital directive for government agencies: ensure that website design is uniform, intuitive, and user-centric. This approach significantly enhances the public’s ability to navigate, perceive, and engage with digital government services. CivicPress responds directly to this mandate by fully integrating the US Web Design System (USWDS).

Consistency Across Sites

Uniformity in design is more than an aesthetic goal; it’s a functional necessity. CivicPress leverages the extensive USWDS framework to ensure every page element on a government website adheres to a consistent design language. By utilizing a centralized set of design tokens, CivicPress maintains visual harmony, making it easier for users to recognize patterns, locate information, and understand navigation paths. This cohesive user experience is particularly beneficial for those who frequent multiple government websites.

Intuitive User Experience

CivicPress’s incorporation of the USWDS means that the design elements are not only consistent but also intuitive. Elements such as buttons, form fields, and navigation menus adhere to established usability standards, facilitating a smoother interaction for all users, regardless of their technical proficiency. This alignment with USWDS ensures that users receive a predictable and seamless experience, reducing cognitive load and improving overall satisfaction.

User-Centric Design

At the heart of OMB M-23-22’s design pillar lies the principle of user-centricity. CivicPress embodies this principle by prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity. The theme’s foundation in solid HTML derived from USWDS ensures compatibility across all browsers, meeting Section 508 accessibility standards. This commitment to accessibility means that the design serves everyone, including individuals with disabilities, ensuring equitable access to government information and services.

Enhanced Navigability

One of the key benefits of a standardized design system is enhanced navigability. CivicPress aligns with this benefit by offering ready-to-use templates for various pages, such as landing pages and documentation pages. These templates, crafted in line with USWDS, provide a structured yet flexible framework that simplifies content creation while ensuring consistency. Users can quickly and easily find relevant information, thanks to the systematic layout and inherent navigability of USWDS-based designs.

CivicPress successfully fulfills the design pillar identified in OMB M-23-22 through its comprehensive integration of the US Web Design System. By promoting uniformity, intuitive user experience, a user-centric approach, and enhanced navigability, CivicPress stands out as the premier WordPress theme for government agencies striving to meet and exceed the standards set by federal directives.