Meeting OMB M-23-22 Digital Modernization Accessibility Requirements with CivicPress

Accessibility requirements set by M-23-22 mandate that federal agencies must ensure their digital services are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. This policy calls for government agencies to scrutinize their digital offerings and guarantee compliance with established accessibility frameworks, such as Section 508 Standards and the WCAG Guidelines.

CivicPress was designed explicitly to help government agencies meet these rigorous accessibility standards without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of their digital presence. Here’s how CivicPress stands out as a solution for ensuring compliance with M-23-22 accessibility requirements:

  • Proactive Compliance: CivicPress has been meticulously audited against the WCAG 2.2 guidelines as of February 2024, ensuring that it meets a reliable accessibility compliance baseline right out of the box. This preemptive approach allows agencies to launch accessible websites faster and with confidence that they adhere to the latest standards.
  • Real-Time Accessibility Insight: Bundled with Accessibility Checker Pro, CivicPress offers an innovative tool that analyzes content for accessibility issues in real-time. By integrating this feature, agencies are empowered to address potential accessibility barriers before content goes live, ensuring ongoing compliance and enhancing the user experience for individuals with disabilities.
  • Development with Accessibility in Mind: From its inception, CivicPress was envisioned and developed with a deep focus on accessibility. By incorporating pA11Y automation reviews into the Software DevOps processes, CivicPress demonstrates a commitment to accessibility at every stage of the software development life cycle. This guarantees that both the theme and any subsequent updates continue to meet and exceed accessibility standards.
  • Optional Manual Reviews: For agencies seeking an added layer of assurance, CivicPress offers an optional bundle add-on that includes manual accessibility reviews. This service provides a comprehensive analysis beyond automated checks, ensuring nuanced elements of accessibility are addressed and aligned with the best practices and requirements.

With its built-in compliance capabilities and continuous accessibility support, CivicPress serves as a unique resource in removing digital obstacles and promoting an online space that is inclusive for every user.